Sci-Tech Cadaver Lab

Hector Cruz Campaigns

The Science and Technology Department at Evangel is growing, and with the help of graduates from the department, has made an exciting development. Sci-Tech has launched Evangel’s first cadaver-based anatomy lab, which is a game changer for our Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, and Pre-med students. This lab unlocks the learning opportunities and provides more appreciation for the complex intricacies of the human body. This is an experience our students are using to prepare for graduate school and clinical opportunities. Our plans included remodeling an under-utilized space next to the anatomy lab, upgrading our ventilation system and adding the proper storage facilities. This lab prepares students like Biological Chemistry major Jessie Kue, who says, “This is an impactful way to experience human anatomy. It’s one thing to study from a textbook, but seeing something first hand provides more exposure and preparation for the future.” With the implementation of the new cadaver-based anatomy lab, Jessie is receiving a more robust experience as she prepares for the MCAT and medical school. Campaign Accomplishments • $30,000 raised • 294 square ft. remodeled • Low-temperature cadaver storage • Gurneys • Upgraded ventilation system • Purchased cadavers