Project Cultivate

Project Cultivate is a vehicle for connecting alumni and students on a more meaningful level. Through this project, alumni and students will be given the opportunity to connect and engage with each other to form relationships that cultivate an Evangel community that is united in their desire to impact the world. EU alumni assist students in becoming professionals in their fields of study through an intern program. Students develop confidence, spurred on by the Spirit and by knowledge, as alumni provide insight about business and life. Alongside the intern program, a mentorship program is in the process of being put in place.
The legacies of alumni will be passed on through current Evangel students—alumni will be encouraged to pray for, teach and support students as they discover their unique callings. Project Cultivate is also a tool for learning—both for students and alumni. Alumni have insight and knowledge that only comes through experience, and students desire to know their field of study outside the realm of the classroom. The combination of the student and the alumni will create an environment for learning and for designing a thriving, interconnected community of current and former students.

Project Cultivate Highlights:

  • Alumni can complete their ongoing education credits offered quarterly on Evangel’s campus
  • Alumni can support their former dorms and make unforgettable memories through the “I Heart My Dorm” campaign.
  • Students can enhance their education by participating in alumni hosted Lunch and Learns.
  • The CBC Prayer Garden installed on campus will provide a place for students to reflect, pray and study on campus.

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