Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund

In the midst of this unprecedented time, alumni and friends worldwide are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic - facing unimaginable change and combating isolation, market instability, and business closures. Many of our students now face a tremendous financial challenge to finish their calling to graduate from Evangel University, but there is hope . . . the Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund.

The Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund is designed for students who have a financial gap to pay for college or have fallen behind in their tuition bills. In many cases, these funds will be the difference between leaving school or staying enrolled and progressing towards their graduation. The Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund could be the miracle needed for EU students!

Your gift to the Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund will help ensure that these students don’t face these financial challenges alone and will allow them to complete their college education.

If you are able, we ask that you prayerfully consider giving a gift to the Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund. Any gift that you can make will directly impact our students as they train to change the world!

During this challenging time, the Evangel COVID-19 Impact Fund is a tremendous example of how the Evangel family comes together and supports the next generation of world changers. We are EU!

Give a Gift
Thus far, the Lord has helped us.
1 Samuel 7:12

1 Samuel 7:12 is one of the verses on the Evangel clock tower, serving as a poignant reminder that God has always been faithful, and we trust that He will continue to prove faithful during this time of hardship.

We are praying for your needs and want to join together as a community of believers to encourage and build one another up in the faith. If you have a need, please share it by clicking the link below.

Virtual Prayer
God is our refuge, and his everlasting arms are under each one of us.
Deut. 33:27